About Us

Thitiyontthavee has started its business since 2002, and has been continually manufactured and wholesaled all bumper products for over 10 years. We have been doing the business in Thailand and also other countries by using "TTY" short symbol to present our business. We have also concerned for quality of the products and services to satisfy all customers.
As a result, we have developed human resources, mechanicals, and equipments, to increase the number of products demand in the market.


We are looking forward to broadly expand our brand products in the other countries in Europe including the neighbor countries in Southeast Asia, as well as we concern about high productivity in order to improve our products' measurement in the up coming future.


We consistently produce high quality of products including the improvement of engineerings and mechanicals by our hard-working team, to serve the best service for all customers.

Goal & Target Groups

What we do, is to serve all customers with our best service mind. We also take special orders from customers who specifically have some thoughts for each auto-parts designed.